358/365: Merry Christmas!

This year for Christmas I took some advice and tried something new.  I set the camera up on a tripod, kept my remote in hand (next year maybe I’ll invest in the one that does interval timing), and clicked away from a distance.  I loved it.  I have to admit that there isn’t a lot of variety in the photos, and none of them will win any awards.  But I’m in them!  And when the whole scene was already framed in the camera, all I had to do was click.  It was so easy to catch everything.  No standing on my head to get the shot, or putting a camera in the kids’ faces and forcing the smile.  Just pure family Christmas, as it really is.  Perfect.


This first one catches my favorite tradition, adopted from my own family growing up.  The kids draw a name, choose a present, and try to serve the sibling they chose for the weeks before Christmas.  This is the time they really learn what Christmas is really about.  This shot caught the pure glee on my Guy’s face as his sister found there was more that one layer of wrapping on the present he gave her.  (There were actually four!)


Pure excitement in my Little Man when he opened his Husky colored Superman shirt.  (Isn’t that the best of all worlds?)


I was able to be right there when my Guy opened the special pens he had been eyeing for months.


And capture these looks across the kids when something went right.


And sit with my Little Buddy in my lap for most of the morning.


And I wouldn’t miss this for all the world!



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