296/365: Christmas card vote!



Took the kiddos out to get a shot for the Christmas card.  Light was not my friend that day, so I got a lot of practice at working with it.  I can’t decide which one will end up going out.  Voters get the first one!

IMG_2715 IMG_2902


2 thoughts on “296/365: Christmas card vote!

  1. That’s a hard pick, but I think I agree with Christy–I like the first one best. I think you did pretty darn good with the light. I’m not even sure what you’re talking about–to me, they both look like great photos! 🙂 (That may just show you how much I don’t know, but I guess you can just assume that to the average on-looker, ALL your photos are pretty stinkin’ awesome.) 🙂

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